Friday Favorites #6

Hello, Friends and Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day, whether you got out for a romantic dinner or just stayed at home (like us) I hope it was a good one!

We are actually off to Death Valley for the weekend today. My parents are generously watching Fé so we can have a little getaway and I am so excited! I have actually never had a night without Fé so I am a little nervous but also very excited to camp and explore Death Valley which has always been on my bucket list =) Let’s get to it…..

Friday Favorites #6

1. Colman Pop-up Tent

We ordered this pop-up tent on Amazon for our camping trip because we had one just like it on our backpacking trip through Spain a few years ago. It is literally the easiest tent to assemble as it just pops up in a matter of seconds and folds back just as easily. I am so excited to break out our tent to camp under the stars in Death Valley tonight! It also had a screen on the roof so we can open it and stare at the stars all night. I am so excited and I can’t wait for all the camping trips we are going to take in this beautiful little tent =)

2. Cozy Cardigan

Friday Favorites

I got this cardigan in grey at Nordstrom a while ago and I have been wearing it non-stop! It is so soft and warm and goes with just about anything. I admittedly had to go back and get it in blush pink and black!

3. Snack Catcher Cups

We got these for Fé so she could snack in the car and stroller without dropping her grapes or blueberries or whatever all over herself and they are awesome! I was worried that it would take her a while to get used to sticking her hand in there but she understood right away and she loves them! They are so handy because I can just stick them in my bag without her snacks spilling all over!

4. 936 Pennies by Eryn Lynum


I received this book in the mail to review for Eryn Lynum (author) and it is really such a great book. It talks about all the different ways we can invest in our children and the little things we can do to raise our children to be the best little humans they can be. The idea behind the title 936 Pennies is that there are 936 weeks between the time they are born and the moment they turn eighteen and the book encourages you to think about how you are investing in your child throughout each and every one of those weeks. The idea is that you invest one penny every week. Stay tuned for my full review of the book!


Check out my top five go-to healthy weekday meals that our whole family enjoys!

Dinner Ideas

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What is one thing that you are looking forward to this weekend? How was your Valentines Day?



5 Toddler Approved Dinner Ideas

Good Morning Friends. I have been reading a lot about the importance of sharing family meal time together and have really been focusing on sitting down for dinner every night of the week. This is something that I think is really important for our family and for Fés development! I have been testing out a lot of new recipes trying to find things that are healthy, easy, inexpensive, and most importantly, Fé approved. Here are my (and Fés) top five dinner ideas!

1. Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas

dinner ideas

These are so yummy and so easy. Just stick everything in the crockpot and by dinner time everything is ready. Serve with tortillas, sour cream, salsa, and salad and you have a delicious and healthy weeknight dinner.

2. Grilled Salmon, Asparagus, Potatoes

Dinner Ideas

I am so happy about the fact that Fé loves grilled Salmon. I pop some salmon on the grill and in about 10 minutes it comes out perfectly! I normally serve with some grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes.

3. Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

Dinner Ideas

Have you ever had Mulligatawny soup? Let me tell you, it is to die for and a family favorite around here. This soup is the love child of traditional Indian Cuisine and Colonial British favorites. They come together to make this perfectly creamy magical little soup. You can even make this in the Instant Pot!

4. Turkey, Brussels Sprouts, and Rice Casserole

Dinner Ideas

This dish is super easy to whip up (takes about 30 min) and is a healthy staple over here. It is super simple yet oh so tasty! I like to make an extra big batch and save it for lunches for the week.

5. Greek Chicken Skewers

Dinner Ideas

I love Greek food and these easy Greek skewers satisfy my craving for some Mediterranian grub! I marinate the chicken for the whole day and when I am ready to grill, I just pop the chicken on to a skewer, along with some cherry tomatoes and red onions and voila! I serve this with pita bread, tzatziki sauce, hummus, and a big greek salad for a fun and festive weeknight dinner that takes us right back to the shores of the med!

What are some of your family favorite dinner recipes? I would love to hear them and get some more inspiration!



Dinner Ideas
Dinner Ideas
Dinner Ideas