Baby's First Christmas

Hello Everyone! As many of you know, little Fé has arrived! Daniel and I have been super busy (and super tired) with our newborn. I am taking a little hiatus from writing at the moment but Rebekah from My Circus, My Monkeys has written this AMAZING guest post for us to enjoy. Here are her best tips for celebrating baby’s first christmas!

Baby's First Christmas

Holidays are always special, but when you throw a new baby into the mix, it becomes that much more…everything. More special, more stressful, more magical, more important. You want this holiday season to be the BEST for your child. Even though your new baby won’t remember a minute of the holiday, you want to have photos to commemorate each moment.Keep in mind these holiday moments that typically take place on a baby’s first Christmas. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or your third, be sure to try to check each of these special moments off your list.

Baby's First Christmas


Baby’s 1 Christmas Ornament

Make or buy your baby’s first ornament. You can buy them at most card shops or ornament stores, or you can order a custom-made item on Etsy or other online shop. If you are at all crafty, you could even make one yourself. Just be sure to include the year on the ornament.

Handprint ornament 

Many times, at day care or church class will present parents with a handprint ornament or token. If it’s made of paper, simply hole-punch it and tie curling ribbon through to make it into an ornament. You child will love to compare his handprint size each year as he hangs the ornament. If your child doesn’t come home with one, simply make it yourself.

Special Stocking

Baby's First ChristmasGet a stocking for your baby. It doesn’t have to say “Baby’s First Christmas” on it; you may want one that will match other family members’ stockings and will last his entire life. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just make sure to get him one.

Picture with SantaBaby's First Christmas

Every baby needs their photo taken with Santa. A photo taken that first year can be so precious if they’re sleeping in Santa’s arms. If your child is getting closer to a year old by Christmas, it may include a screaming baby, but that’s OK; these make hilarious memories to look back on.

Family Christmas Photofamilychristmas

Be sure to take a family Christmas photo to commemorate the year. This can be a photo taken in front of your tree at home, or a formal photo shoot. The setting doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that you took one that counts. You can include this photo on a Christmas card or simply keep it for yourself. While you’re taking photos, try to get a posed one of just the baby, as well. This is important if it’s not your first child, as well; sometimes those second and third babies get a little gypped in regards to pictures, so don’t make this mistake.

Cookies and Milk for Santa

Do you leave out milk and cookie for Santa? This can make a fun tradition to start, even with a baby. Take a photo with them beside the goodies. You can go a step further and set out baby teether cookies and a bottle of milk, if you wish. This can be as serious or funny as you want to make it.

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rebekahRebekah Martin has five children ranging in age from 11 to 3-year-old twins. She works from home as a writer while schooling her older children. Rebekah blogs at My Circus, My Monkeys about parenting, home organization and healthy, refreshing habits for moms. She also has a list of Christmas family traditions to start with your little ones.

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Baby's First Christmas