Blogging Update

Hello everyone! So I am cheating a little bit. I actually wrote this post about a week ago, before Fé was born! I wanted to post it around my one month blogiversary but I knew I would be too busy to write this whole post once little Fé was here! Be sure to check out pictures of baby Fé’s first few days!

Regardless, welcome to my month one blogging update! I know its a little off topic, as I normally post about pregnancy and motherhood and all that jazz. But I really wanted to share my blogging experience and what I have learned from blogging so far. Maybe it will help some of you other mom bloggers out there 😉

Blogging Update

I started this blog in the final weeks of my pregnancy out of, well, extreme boredom to be honest. After only a month it has proven to be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience. I wish I had started this blog way sooner, back when I first got pregnant.  I am so passionate about exploring the world of pregnancy and motherhood and sharing it with my viewers.

Along the way, I have learned some valuable lessons. Starting a successful blog is much more difficult than I originally imagined. Here is a list of the 6 valuable lessons I have learned during my first month as a blogger!

1. Sharing is Everything

So, boom, I published my first post. Now what? How come nobody was reading it?! I very very quickly realized that you have can the best posts in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one is there to read them! I quickly revamped my Pinterest account, set up a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page for my blog and started posting my posts. Still, no viewers!

I realized that it is really important to be part of a blogging community in order to gain followers and get traffic to your site! I started joining group boards on Pinterest dedicated to pregnancy, motherhood, and mom blogs! I even started my own two group boards for mom bloggers to share their pins. Click to follow The Mommy Board and The Pregnancy Board or contact me if you would like to join!

I joined a ton of Facebook groups dedicated to helping out other mom bloggers! Finally I started to see some traffic to my site, not much, but enough to make me feel like I was doing something right =)

2. Learn as much as you can

I read everything I could get my hands on about how to start a blog. From basic set up instructions, picking the right theme, how to gain followers and traffic, to how to monetize your blog! By reading and exposing yourself to tons of information, you can learn a lot about how to set up a successful blog and avoid making many blogger mistakes right off the bat!

3. Make a plan

With that being said, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Between writing blog posts, trying to set up email subscriber lists, trying to make printables and freebies, and managing all your different social media accounts you can start to feel like your drowning! For the first couple weeks of my blog I felt like I had to do everything all at once.

I realized, however, that this isn’t possible. I created a plan and decided to focus on just a few things at once. For me it was mostly Pinterest as I found that it can drive a lot of traffic to your site. I had one post that got over 200 views in just one day! For all you big bloggers out there this might not sound like a lot, but for me it was AMAZING! Anyway, The rest can wait! You don’t need to do everything all at once.

4. Set Goals

Just as important it is to make a plan, it is also essential to set goals. I started setting weekly goals for my social media, viewers, and posts. I also set long term goals for the month and the year overall! These long term goals include monthly page view goals and monetization goals.

Setting goals is so important to keep you on track and accountable. Short term goals help you develop a clear plan to work for your long term goals!

5. Be Patient

This is a super important lesson I learned! I don’t know what I was thinking but I wanted a TON of views on all my posts right away! Of course, this didn’t happen! It takes time to gain followers, and for your pins to circulate around Pinterest! BE PATIENT! It takes time but things will start to grow.

6. Don’t compare yourself

This one is hard. There are a TON of bloggers out there! Some have 100,000+ views on their blogs and you may feel like there is no way you can ever compete. Remember though, that blogging isn’t a competition! Focus on your own blog and growing your own following. Others will also have a following and probably have tons of viewers, but they have also probably been around wayyy longer! Don’t stress and just focus on making your blog the best you can! =)

As always, thanks for reading!