Hey Everyone. I would like to discuss something rather serious…..on Thursday, March 23  I woke up in the middle of the night to my mother-in-law knocking on our door telling us that little Fé had been crying for a while. Groggy and confused I jumped out of bed, slipped into my bathrobe, and ran to Fé’s room.
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When I found her, she was face down on the mattress and her hands were stuck in front of her.  She couldn’t get her hands underneath her because they had slipped through the cracks in the crib. She was screaming louder than I had ever heard her scream, I cannot believe neither Daniel or I heard her!!!!  I snatched her up and cuddled her until she settled down. Then I brought her downstairs as I made her a bottle, brought her back upstairs to feed her, and put her back to sleep.

I got back into bed, but couldn’t fall back asleep. I was terrified to fall asleep for fear that I would sleep through Fé’s screams once again. All I could think about was how thankful I was that my mother-in-law came to wake me up. I also kept thinking about how thankful I was that we had bought the AeroSleep Mattress Cover!

The AeroSleep system allows air to come up through their mattress so babies are still able to breathe even if their mouths are pressed right up against the mattress. Regular mattresses don’t have enough airflow to allow your baby to breathe when their faces are against the mattress, increasing the risk of SIDS. (Note: this is why we are encouraged to put babies to sleep on their backs!)

I can’t stand to even think about what would have happened to little Fé if we did not have a mattress that allowed her to breathe as she was stuck with her face flat on her mattress.

The AeroSleep is manufactured in Belgium, which is why it was so popular in the Netherlands where we were living at the time.

There are, however, other breathable mattress brands that are more readily available in the States.

Breathable Mattress

Check out the Newton Crib Mattress or the Newton Mattress Cover for the number one safe sleeping brand in the US (Company Website | Newtonbaby.com). If you’re in the UK check out the Purflo sleep system the UK’s most trusted baby mattress brand.

Breathable Mattress

I highly highly recommend investing in a breathable, safe sleeping mattress. This investment could not only save your baby’s life, it will also give you peace of mind every time you put your baby to sleep.

That fear we feel when we first put our newborn babies to sleep is all too real! This product will give you the confidence to know that your baby will be safe in their crib every night as you put them so sleep.

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When I look back on that night my heart stops. I am so thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law and our Aerosleep mattress. I encourage you all to make the investment that could save your baby’s life!

For more stories about safe sleeping be sure to check out the Dangers of Swaddling! Until next time, happy sleeping!

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