The Product that Saved my Baby’s Life!!!

Hey Everyone. I would like to discuss something rather serious…..on Thursday, March 23  I woke up in the middle of the night to my mother-in-law knocking on our door telling us that little Fé had been crying for a while. Groggy and confused I jumped out of bed, slipped into my bathrobe, and ran to Fé’s room.
Breathable MAttress

When I found her, she was face down on the mattress and her hands were stuck in front of her.  She couldn’t get her hands underneath her because they had slipped through the cracks in the crib. She was screaming louder than I had ever heard her scream, I cannot believe neither Daniel or I heard her!!!!  I snatched her up and cuddled her until she settled down. Then I brought her downstairs as I made her a bottle, brought her back upstairs to feed her, and put her back to sleep.

I got back into bed, but couldn’t fall back asleep. I was terrified to fall asleep for fear that I would sleep through Fé’s screams once again. All I could think about was how thankful I was that my mother-in-law came to wake me up. I also kept thinking about how thankful I was that we had bought the AeroSleep Mattress Cover!

The AeroSleep system allows air to come up through their mattress so babies are still able to breathe even if their mouths are pressed right up against the mattress. Regular mattresses don’t have enough airflow to allow your baby to breathe when their faces are against the mattress, increasing the risk of SIDS. (Note: this is why we are encouraged to put babies to sleep on their backs!)

I can’t stand to even think about what would have happened to little Fé if we did not have a mattress that allowed her to breathe as she was stuck with her face flat on her mattress.

The AeroSleep is manufactured in Belgium, which is why it was so popular in the Netherlands where we were living at the time.

There are, however, other breathable mattress brands that are more readily available in the States.

Breathable Mattress

Check out the Newton Crib Mattress or the Newton Mattress Cover for the number one safe sleeping brand in the US (Company Website | If you’re in the UK check out the Purflo sleep system the UK’s most trusted baby mattress brand.

Breathable Mattress

I highly highly recommend investing in a breathable, safe sleeping mattress. This investment could not only save your baby’s life, it will also give you peace of mind every time you put your baby to sleep.

That fear we feel when we first put our newborn babies to sleep is all too real! This product will give you the confidence to know that your baby will be safe in their crib every night as you put them so sleep.

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When I look back on that night my heart stops. I am so thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law and our Aerosleep mattress. I encourage you all to make the investment that could save your baby’s life!

For more stories about safe sleeping be sure to check out the Dangers of Swaddling! Until next time, happy sleeping!

Breathable Mattress
Breathable Mattress
Breathable Mattress

Whats in my Diaper Bag! (For the bottle fed baby)

Helooooo Everyone! So if you guys have been following my posts, you may know that I had been looking all over the for perfect diaper bag. I finally settled on a Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote because I thought it was modern and stylish but also super sensible with plenty of pockets! I had it sent to England where we spent Christmas, but it didn’t actually arrive in time before we left to go back to Holland. Last weekend when Daniël was back there buying a car he picked it up for me and brought it home! Now I can finally start using it yayy!! It is so much more beautiful than I expected and it is the perfect size.  The bag comes with six large side pockets on the inside and one zipper pocket on the outside. It also comes with a Petunia Pickle Bottom wipes case and a changing mat. I absolutly adore it and I am so happy that this is the bag I decided to purchase!

Anyway, I have been looking at lots of “What’s in my Diaper Bag” posts all over the mommy-sphere to get an idea of what actually goes in a diaper bag. After reading a bunch of other blog posts, I feel like so many posts suggest putting so many things in your diaper bag and it just doesn’t seem practical. I think you don’t really need to tote around that much stuff. I know that it seems kind of daunting to leave the house with a teeny baby. (The first time I took Fé out of the house I was terrified!) But that doesn’t mean you need to pack everything but the kitchen sink. The most important thing your baby needs is you! So here is my practical list of whats in my diaper bag =)

Whats in My Diaper Bag?

1. Diapers, obvs!

So probably the most important thing to keep in your diaper bag is a stack of diapers. I keep about 4-5 pampers baby dry diapers in there at all times. They fit perfectly in one of the side pockets of the bag. I love the side pockets because they keep everything neat and organized and leave a ton of free space in the middle for bigger things!

2. Wipes

My Diaper Bag comes with a wipes case but I actually find it kind of impractical to use because its so small and petty hard to open. I just grabbed a pack of my pampers wipes  and stuck it in another one of the pockets and it fits just perfectly!

3. Bottles

Since Fé is bottle fed, I always carry around two Dr. Browns Bottles with me. We have glass bottles and plastic bottles at home, but I usually just take the plastic ones since they are much lighter and easier to carry around. Dr. Browns bottles also come with a cap and a small disk to seal off any liquid in the bottle to prevent spills! This is great if we are just popping out of the house for a little bit and I prepare a bottle in advance.

4. Formula dispenser

If I am going to be gone for more than an hour or so, I usually pack along enough formula to make a few bottles. There are a ton of different formula dispensers on the market but I prefer this one because it stores enough formula for multiple feedings and it is just plain simple! There are also dispensers like this one or this one which are also super simple and functional. There are also bottles that have formula chambers where you can release the formula with the push of a button! I don’t have any of those but I imagine they are super  cool and pretty functional. This bottle is specially designed to reduce colic and also has a formula chamber so it’s basically a win-win. The Mixie Bottle is also a popular bottle brand with a formula container.

5. Mini Water Bottle

I grab a few mini water bottles so I always have pure fresh water on hand to make Fé’s bottles. I like having the mini 8oz sized bottles because they are less bulky and I can just use one per feeding.

6. Burp cloths

I think its handy to pack one or two burp cloths because, you know, babies spit up like its their job. My auntie actually made me a bunch of burp cloths that are really awesome and I use them for everything, so we haven’t actually bought any burp cloths ourselves. Aden & Anais make really great muslin burp cloths in cute colors and patterns. Burts Bees Organic burp cloths are also nice and so are Gerber Baby’s Burp Cloths.

7. Muslin Swaddle

I also carry around one of my big Aden & Anais swaddle blankets  because they are so big and versatile! They can be used to cover the stroller or car seat in rain or sun, they can be used as a blanket, an emergency changing mat, a nursing cover (if you are nursing) and so much more! They are GIANT and super lightweight so they are just a really handy thing to carry around in your diaper bag!

8. Diaper Rash Cream

Fé, thankfully, hasn’t suffered from any diaper rash (knock on wood). But regardless, I LOVE Sudocrem and I lather it on her little butt just to prevent any rash. I love having a little tube of sudocrem in my diaper bag just in case! Sudocrem is AMAZING and I use it for everything, not just Fés little baby bottom. I also put it on my face, my hands, etc. My Mother-in-law even uses it on her horse to protect his little nose from the sun.

I live in Europe so sudocrem is everywhere, but I don’t think it has quite caught on in the States yet. When I checked on and I found that it is way more expensive to get in the States than it is here in Europe. I guess this means I am going to have to stock up before I move back to California. Anyway, I think Burts Bee’s has really nice diaper rash cream even though I haven’t used it. Aquaphor Baby Cream   is close to the same thing as sudocrem and it also has a ton of different uses. I think these are great things to have at all times in your diaper bag =)

9. Pacifier

Fé isn’t a HUGE fan of her pacifier, but we sometimes use it to tide her over until her next feeding or just to comfort her until we can get to her or until we get home. I always have one in my diaper bag for emergencies!

Another great product that I just discovered, are pacifier sanitizing wipes. I haven’t actually gotten any yet so they are not actually in my diaper bag, but I think they are such a great idea. If her pacifier ends up on the floor or is just plain dirty you we can just use these wipes to clean them. They are also great for bottles and anything else that goes in a baby’s mouth.

10. Pacifier Clip

Fé’s pacifiers have a sneaky way of ending up on the floor, so we have gotten a few pacifier clips to keep them close to her when she feeling like launching them out of her mouth (which happens all the freakin time!) These clips also come with a teether that Fé hasn’t used yet, but I imagine she will use them when she starts teething in a few months.

11. Change of Clothes

I have never actually had to change Fé’s clothes when we are out of the house. I have yet to experience a total baby “blowout”if you know what I mean. Regardless, I think it is important to be prepared so I have a onesie and a set of footed pajamas folded up inside of a plastic baggie. They fold up really small and barely take up any space in the bottom of my bag. The baggie is for any soiled clothes that may accompany said “blowout.”

12. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is great to have around, especially because you want your hands to be clean before feeding or before/after diaper changing. This organic hand sanitizer is alcohol-free so it is totally safe to use with your baby =)

12. Mom Essentials

In addition to all of these things for Fé, I also keep my wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, a tube of my favorite concealer sunglasses etc in my diaper bag. What I love about my Downtown Tote is that it looks like a cute purse and not a diaper bag! I even take it out when I am not with Fé just because it is so cute 😉

I hope this gave you some insight into what really goes into a diaper bag. To be honest, you don’t need to carry around a ton of stuff. Just a few essentials and you should be good to go! Good luck with all you littles!

Check back tomorrow for a Friday Favorites post =)

Whats in my Diaper Bag

Whats in my Diaper Bag
What's in my Diaper Bag
Whats in my Diaper Bag