Favorite Developmental Toys (0-6 months)

Hello Friends! So Fé is turning into a real baby (yayy!) instead of a little clueless newborn and she is starting to be stimulated by different things around the house. She loves looking at the light shining in from the windows in the mornings and all the shadows around the house. She laughs at silly noises and funny faces. She has even starting to grab things, like the little pampers wipes when we are changing her. I think its about time we start getting her some real toys to play with =)

I’ve done a lot of research on the best developmental toys for my little two month old and here are the best toys that I have found. We have tried some of them and others I plan on ordering in the future =)

1. WubbaNub

I have heard the WubbaNub being talked about in the mommysphere for a while now so I decided to order one for Fé. Unfortunately I had it sent to the UK so we could have it for Christmas but it didn’t arrive by the time we had to leave to go back home. So Fé hasn’t been about to play with it yet =( In a couple of weeks though she will get to check it out when we move to the UK for good.

Anyway, this toy is a pacifier/ plush toy meant to soothe your baby all while helping them develop motor skills as they grab on to the plush toy. I have heard about babies being able to put the pacifier in their mouths all by themselves by three months. I can’t wait for Fé to start using her WubbaNub as soon as we get back to England. Ill let you know how she likes it!

2. Sophie la Girafe Teether

We got this as a gift from my sister-in-law right when Fé was born and I immediately thought it was so cute. This teether is made from 100% natural rubber and is super soft on your babies gums. Fé hasn’t started teething yet but she has started to grab on to it a little bit and try to bring it to her mouth (although she usually drops it before it makes its way up there). I know this toy will come in handy as she gets a little bit older as we will be using it as her teether!

3. Baby Gym and Tummy Time Mat

I bought this baby gym for Fé after spending hours on the internet looking at every possible baby gym available. Let me tell you, I am so happy I purchased this baby gym from Skip Hop. Fé LOVES looking at all of the soft hanging toys and she has even starting to bat her hands at them and smile when they make a sound. The mat itself also has different textures on it so when Fé kicks her little feet she can make some sounds which I think she really enjoys. It also comes with a little pillow for tummy time and it has a mirror so your baby can start to look at herself as she practices tummy time. The little pillow is really great for babies who aren’t too fond of tummy time (aka Fé) as it allows them to be propped up a little better so they can see you. My favorite part about this gym is that it is super soft and all the hanging toys are made from soft cotton (instead of plastic).

Other baby gym options: Infanto Grow-with-me gym and ball pit / Fisher Price Musical Gym / Baby Einstein Baby Gym

4. Foot Finder Rattle & Wrist Rattle

These rattles help your baby discover their hands and feet. You slip these little socks on their feet and the wrist rattle around their hands and they will soon learn that there hands and feet are actually connected to them! Fé still seems to have no idea what her feet are so I really want to order these and encourage her to find her feet =) These rattles also have different textures which help stimulate your baby even further.

More great options: Acekid Rattles /  Daisy socks and rattle

4. Soft Hand Rattles

Another great toy is the classic hand rattle. Once your baby has gotten the hand of grabbing things they can start using these rattles . I like this one (by the same brand as the WubbaNub) because it is soft and has lots of different textured tags for your baby to discover.

Other Options: Lazada Plush Rattle / Fisher-Price Maracas (Amazon Best Seller) / My First Rattle

5. Unbreakable Mirror

Your baby learn to see its reflection in the mirror and by around three months they will start to recognize themselves. Using a special baby mirror (one that is generally soft and unbreakable) during tummy time, when they are sitting, or in the crib can encourage them to recognize themselves.

Our Skip Hop baby Gym comes with a built-in tummy time mirror but they also sell a separate super soft play mirror. Fé has just started looking and smiling at herself in our bathroom mirror so I hope she starts noticing herself in the tummy time mirror in the baby gym!

Other options: Sassy Floor Mirror / Infanto Discovery Mirror

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6. Soft Books

Soft books with tons of sensory and tactile stimulation will have your baby entertained for hours (okay lets be real, more like minutes….but you cant expect too much for your little two month old just yet). Anyway, this Early Years Farm Friends book has plenty of different textures and sounds for your baby to enjoy. It also makes different animal sounds so your baby can start learning that cows say “moo”and pigs say “oink!”

Other options: Taggies Buddy Dog Soft Book / Baby’s First Photo Album / Scholastic ABC Book

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Developmental Toys
Developmental Toys



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