WOW! The past month hast been the FASTEST month of my entire life! Especially compared to the month before, which seemed like the SLOWEST month of my entire life. It seems like just yesterday we were taking Fé home from the hospital and now she is already ONE MONTH OLD!

I never knew I could love someone so much. I miss Fé when I am not with her or if she is just in the other room sleeping and I could just stare at her little face for hours. My heart aches when she cries and my heart melts when she smiles her little smile. I can’t imagine life without her or nor can I even remember what life was like before her.


Fé has already changed and grown so much in the past month. I find myself being nostalgic as I look back on our first few hours and days together and how new she was to the world. I keep telling Daniel that I want to remember every detail of Fés Birth Story FOREVER. I never want to forget the day that Fé came into our world and changed our lives forever.

Fé has already gained over a pound from her birth weight. She weighed 3.965 kilos (8lbs 9oz) when she was born and now she weighs 4.58 kilos (10lbs 1oz). She is becoming more and more alert everyday and stays awake for quite a long time during the day!

She is also sleeping very well. During the night she sleeps about two stretches of 4-5 hours. Which is so great for us cause we get to sleep as well 😉

One Month Update

Fé was able to lift her head when she was born, but now she is able to lift her head and hold it up for a long time. She also is able to turn her head from side to side.

One Month Update

We have started doing tummy time a couple times a day. The other day, Fé was on her tummy in her crib while we were watching her, we both looked away for just one second, and when we looked back Fé was on her back! We were shocked. Did she just roll over? We put her back on her tummy, and she did it again! And again! We couldn’t believe it. Aren’t babies supposed to roll over at around 3 months…and Fé was only 3 weeks old. She is already so strong (she gets that from her Daddy!) and we are so proud of our little future bodybuilder!

Fé has also started smiling! I think its only a social smile but a smile is still a smile and she melts our hearts every time we see it =)

During the past month we have had lots of visitors! Fé’s grandparents from England and America have come and visited all of us!


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Fé also got a chance to hang out with her Auntie Amandine, who is only three months older than her! Crazy huh? Daniels dad and wife were pregnant at the same time that Daniel and I were pregnant. So this means Fé has an Aunt who is just three months older. She also has an Uncle, Carel, who is two and a half years old!

One Month Update


This past month we also got to celebrate Fé (and Daniels) first Thanksgiving! My parents and sister were in town so it seemed like a true American Thanksgiving!


On another note, Breastfeeding is not going very well. The first couple weeks of breastfeeding were super stressful and dramatic for the whole family. Fé was having trouble drinking and just wasn’t able to drink from the breast to fill herself up. I was also not producing enough milk which I think was initially due to the fact that Fé wasn’t actually drinking, she was just suckling on the breast for comfort.  At one point Fé wanted to breastfeed for hours without a break and she would scream and cry every time I took her off.  I immediately saw a lactation consultant because we just didn’t know what to do, and Fé wasn’t gaining any of her weight back. (She lost about 2 kilos after birth!) She had us start to supplement Fé with formula while still trying to get her to drink from the breast. I also rented a great pump (The Medela Symphony) from the hospital in order to increase my milk supply.

A few weeks have past and Fé is still not drinking from the breast. We have ended up feeding her mostly expressed breastmilk from a bottle and occasionally supplementing with formula when we need to. I was so excited to breastfeed and I really had my heart set on it, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out very well. The system we have going now seems to work really well for us. We are still feeding her breastmilk so she is still getting all the benefits of breastmilk which was the most important thing for us. I guess I am not sure what to do next but we will just have to figure it out. We have since bought our own pump (The Spectra Baby USA) and I have been able to increase my milk supply.

Anyway, I will probably write more on the subject of breastfeeding in the future so keep your eyes out for that. I will be sure to update everyone on how our breastfeeding progresses as we go into Fé’s second month.

This past month with Fé has been absolutly incredible. I just cant wait to see where the net month takes us and to see how much Fé grows and develops! We love her oh so much.