Flashback Friday #1

Flashback Friday #1I am so excited to start a new weekly Friday post called Flashback Fridays. Every Friday I will post a recap of my week including pregnancy updates, baby updates (if the baby ever decides to come!) favorite posts, favorite products, and general life happenings! Be sure to subscribe to A Day with Fé for Flashback Friday updates 😉

Fall is Here!! 

Fall is probably my very favorite season and its finally here! Over here in Holland we had a super nice September, but as soon as October rolled around the fall weather really hit! Its still beautiful, just super chilly! The only downside, however, is that none of my coats zip over my belly!!! I cant bring myself to buy a maternity coat either because the baby is going to come any day now and it seems like a waste! So I guess I have to up my scarf game to try to keep myself warm 😉

In the spirit of the season, I have been having a massive craving for some nice warm apple cider! homemade Apple Cider from Apple Juice

Since I live in the Netherlands, it has been impossible to find! I have searched everywhere and the only place I could find a nice cup of apple cider was at the Starbucks at the train station. I keep having flashbacks to last fall when I obsessively drank these Spiced Apple Cider Instant Drink Mixes, but again, they aren’t available here in Holland. Soooo…..I came up with my own little recipe using regular apple juice and it actually turned out pretty nicely!

37 Weeks Pregnant!!!!!

So if you guys have read any of my posts, you probably already know that i’m 37 weeks pregnant (I cant stop talking about it!) This means the baby is full term and can come at any time! Thankfully, she did not come yesterday as Daniel was in Belgium ALL DAY LONG for an engineering conference. We kept joking that the one day Daniel is gone will be the day that the baby will come….but thankfully she did not and Daniel is back home safe and sound!


37 week pregnant belly

37 weeks pregnant!!!

Oh boy where do I start?! The baby has been engaged for quite some time now (since 29 weeks!) and she is putting A LOT of pressure on my lower regions if you get my drift. (Apparently its common for first babies to engage rather early and it is not a sign that she will come any time soon….unfortunately). I have swelling, varicose veins, and all around discomfort in my pelvis and groin area =( If I walk too much the baby pushes down on my cervix which leads to shooting pains all up in my nether regions!

My heartburn has also been raging the past week. I wrote a post about Dealing with Pregnancy Heartburn! because I was so darn tired of suffering! A lot of these tactics do work but unfortunately, my heartburn hasn’t subsided completely. I have a feeling that I am going to have to wait untill after the baby is born to find some relief!

Sleepless nights….I cant seem to get a good night’s sleep anymore! Either my heartburn starts acting up, I cant get comfortable, or I just cant sleep!! I cant believe I am saying this but I cant wait for the baby to come so I can actually fall asleep when I want to!

First Week of A Day with Fé

This was the week I launched A Day with Fé and I am so excited about all the support from family, friends and fellow bloggers! While it has been a pretty busy week, mostly trying to figure out what the heck I am doing, it has been so rewarding! I hope you decide to subscribe to the blog for more weekly updates, and pregnancy and motherhood information!

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Thanks for joining me on my first edition of FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!! I hope to see you all back next time!!!