Flashback Friday #3

Hello Everybody! Thanks for joining me on FLASHBACK FRIDAY!! This week seemed to fly by, I feel like I was just writing last weeks flashback Friday.Flashback Friday #3

This week was a pretty slow week. The weather turned pretty nasty over here in our little corner of the world. Daniel has been working very hard on his thesis and I have been trying to get lots done for the blog before the baby comes!

With that being said……

I’m 39 weeks Pregnant!!!!

39 weeks and 6 days to be exact. That means my due date is tomorrow! To be honest, I didn’t think I would make it this far. I thought that without a doubt the baby would come early, no such luck! If you read my post about waiting for baby you know that these last few weeks have pretty brutal. Especially since I feel like a walrus with legs. The anticipation I feel is incredible, especially knowing that it could happen at any moment!

Ive been getting lots of cramps and lower back pains. Which are some of the very early signs of labor! We have been trying to walk a lot the past week and I am still eating my six dates a day. On the upside, my heartburn seems to have subsided a little bit since the baby has dropped.

We saw the midwife on Tuesday and she said there was still a lot of fluid left in my belly. To be honest, I don’t really know what t40 Weeks Pregnanthis means, but I’m guessing it means the baby is still nice a cozy and could stay in my belly for a little while longer! I would have never thought that I would go over my due date but it looks like it could happen! I was convinced I would be one of those moms who had her baby super early, but maybe all moms think that.

My Cider Obsession

My Apple Cider obsession continues! On Flashback Friday #1 I posted an awesome recipe for apple cider, since we cant seem to get apple cider anywhere here in Holland! This week I found a carton of Aspen Mullings Cider Spices at our local tea and coffee shop and I had to pick it up. It tastes AMAZING just like the apple cider I have been craving! 

Baby Purchases

Daniel and I keep thinking we are done buying baby things but we just cant stop ourselves! This week we bought the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier and I am oh so excited to start using it! It seems so comfortable for both mom, dad, and little Fé. Its perfect for when we want to go on walks on the heather where we cant take the stroller, or for just carrying the baby around the house. They have done studies that say that baby wearing can reduce infant crying by up to 50%!! I think its totally worth it! 

Recipe of the Week

This week I made some yummy, fresh, homemade french bread. I LOVE making homemade breads. They are so easy to make and require only a few ingredients. Not to mention, they don’t contain all the extra artificial ingredients that store bought bread contains.

French Bread Recipe

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