Hello Everyone! How is your Friday going? So a few things have changed around here if you haven’t noticed. First of all I have changed the blog name from A Day With Fé to Millennial Mommy!! I think my new name better reflects what this blog is ultimately all about.

I have also started a weekly Friday post called Friday Favorites to replace my Flashback Friday posts. I am so excited for some big changes happening around here. Be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already to keep up to date =)

This week was our first week with a one month old and life is starting to get back to normal around here! We took Fé to her first Doctors appointment and she is doing (mostly) great. She has been pretty Fussy lately especially around feedings. She has been refusing my breast milk altogether and after some coersion she will take formula. We told the doctor about it and she looked at her mouth and told us it was Thrush, a Candida infection in her mouth. She prescribed us some gel and hopfully it will begin to clear up soon!

1. Dr. Browns Pacifier

I mentioned this one before in Fé’s One Month Update but we seriously love this pacifier! Fé got her first passport photo taken this week (what a drama) and we used this to try to keep her calm enough to get a good picture. Daniel was holding her and she had her pacifier in her mouth and right before the photographer took the picture I would take it out of her mouth. Hopefully, we would get a good picture before she would start crying! She really didn’t like getting her photo taken but we managed to get a sort of good picture….

Fé's Pasfoto

Daniel and I just crack up every time we look at it!

2. Tummy Time!

One Month Update

Fé is really loving tummy time. She has been practicing rolling over and she is getting pretty good at it! Right now we are just doing tummy time on the couch ottoman or on her mattress but I have my eye on this awesome baby gym for Christmas! I think its time to start getting her some toys to play with and grab and this baby gym is perfect for that =)

3. My Bullet Journal

Have you guys heard of the Bullet Journal? Basically its a journal/planner/notebook all in one and you customize it to fit all of your needs. The concept was created by Ryder Carroll and she calls it the analog planning system for the digital age. Anyway, I keep EVERYTHING in my “BuJo” from my monthly and weekly planners, Fé’s baby trackers, Shopping lists, blog information etc. I use this Leuchtturm 1917  notebook for my bullet journal and I am OBSESSED! I plan on writing a post on how awesome the BuJo system is and why it works perfectly for busy moms so be sure to check the blog for that coming soon!

4. My New Breast Pump

A breast pump probably isn’t something many women get excited about lol. If you have been keeping up with the blog you have probably read about my breastfeeding struggles. I rented the Mirena Symphony Pump from the hospital but we decided to buy a pump of our own because it looks like I am going to be pumping and bottle feeding Fé from now on. We decided to buy the Spectra Baby USA breast pump and its awesome! It is incredebly light and has a rechargeable battery so I can just walk around with it and watch Fé or do whatever I need to do around the house. I also cut out holes in an old sports bra and made my own hands free pumping bra!

5. Gift Guides

Christmas season is upon us and the holiday shopping has begun! I LOVE looking at gift guides to get ideas for everyone on my list. Check out my:

I hope you all have an AWESOME Friday and a wonderful weekend. Leave a comment below with your favorite things this week and what you are looking forward to this weekend =)