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I have some really great news today. We have received Daniels US Visa in the mail and we are officially moving back to California! I am so excited and so grateful to everyone who has supported us through the process over the past 18 months! So while you all are counting down the days till Christmas we will be spending Christmas Day in the sky as we make our way back to San Diego!

Anyway, with that being said let’s get on to our weekly Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites #5

  • Stranger Things

Stranger Things

I am not sure why it took me and Daniel this long to watch Stranger Things. We have heard over and over again how great of a show it was but we just never found it very appealing. This week we finally decided to give it a try on Netflix and let me tell you, it is a binge-watcher! If you are looking for a binge-worthy show make sure you check out Stranger Things!

Wine Loving Mom Gifts

This Sweater from Tipsy Elves is a hilarious sweater for any Christmas party. I was going to order it but since we will be spending Christmas Day on a plane, we had to change some of our plans so I decided not to order it in the end. Anyway, the sweater doubles as a wine bottle holder! Be sure to check out the Holiday Gifts for Wine Loving Mamas for more great wine-related gifts =)

  • Mulled/Spiced Wine

So before Daniel and I got pregnant we drank ALOT of mulled wine! So much that last Christmas the thought of mulled wine made me sick. But this year I decided to try it out again and I remembered why Daniel and I drank so much of it two years ago! Mulled wine makes the perfect holiday drink for nights when you want to feel warm and cozy!

Mulled wine (or Gluhwein) is really popular over here but I don’t think it is as popular in the states (correct me if I am wrong!) so you could try making your own with this mulled wine spice kit that has great reviews on Amazon!

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