Bringing Home Baby

By Meredith from Mommy in Leggings

First, a huge thanks to Leigh to allowing me to guest post on her site while she is off enjoying some brand new baby cuddles, and not sleeping! Sorry Girl…I feel you. That was me almost seven months ago with our first little girl, and while its absolutely amazing, the lack of sleep is just incredible. Somehow, though, you don’t really realize until a few months later and your like wait….what just happened?!

So this post is dedicated to Leigh, and of course Fé, as your enjoying your first nights at home. Here are my five tips for taking care of yourself physically and emotionally when you bring home your first baby.

1. Make yourself some Mommy Pads

…or have someone else make them for you. What are these? In a word? AMAZINGNESS! IF that is a word. Take the heaviest flow pads you can find, lather them up with witch hazel and aloe vera gel (NON ALCOHOLIC!!), roll them back up in the freezer, and grab one whenever your crotch is feeling sore. Because it will. And these will make it feel just a little bit better!

2. Find you OWN Rhythm

Not to say you shouldn’t read the baby books, but you have to decide what schedule is right for you. When we first brought our little bear home, we decided that my husband would take care of her from 8pm-11pm while I slept, and then I’d take the night shift after that. WOW what a blur that all was….he’d wake me up around 11pm and my eyeballs would literally be glued to my face. I barely knew where I was or what was happening…it was a complete zombie-world for me. I decided I just needed to leave that schedule behind, and go with the flow. We just made it work without trying to plan every nap, feeding, and shift and I am glad we did, because trying to conform to what other people or books try to tell you to do is just one more stressful thing!

3. You’re going to want to check on her every. single. second.

…And thats okay! I did it, and I’m not sorry I did. I don’t think I got less sleep because I was always checking on her to make sure she’s okay, and it made me feel batter. Lesson: if it makes you feel better, DO IT. Otherwise it will occupy too much time worrying about whether you should or shouldn’t, or wondering if you are crazy or not.

4. Speaking of Crazy…

…YOU MIGHT BE! I was TOTALLY INSANE with the postpartum hormones. Cut yourself some slack, and just remember that its normal, but also make sure your partner is keeping an eye on you. It might get bad (I cried at everything, but I was so happy. It just made no sense), but your hormones will even themselves out. Its a crazy emotional time, mama! And if it doesn’t get better, make sure you talk to your partner and doctor.

5. Speak kindly to your partner

Make sure you both are communicating, and be gentle to each other. You just had a baby and he also had his life turned upside too, even though he didn’t go through however many hours of labor….this is such a life changing event, and your hormones are all over the place, and its easy to get snappy or upset. Just breathe, be kind, and tell him what you need and how you feel. He needs to know this is what you expect from him in return. Being kind and gently to each other will help when you share the work load, or when one of you takes on a heavier load so the other can sleep, etc. Be grateful to each other, and navigate through these new nights together.

Most importantly, enjoy your new little bundle of joy. Becoming a mom is the most incredible thing in the world.

A HUGE Thanks to Meredith from Mommy in Leggings for writing this awesome guest post for me while I am enjoying my time with little Fé! Be sure to check out Mommy in Leggings for more awesome posts like this one =)