Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I cannot believe that it is already 2017! Have you set any New Years Resolutions? My resolution is to lose my baby weight (and even more) by the time we move back to the states next summer!

Anyway, we had an amazing Christmas! Daniel and I had planned on going to England for Christmas to spend the holiday with his mom and family. However, since we are moving to the UK in about a month and we have so much left to do, we decided that we should just stay here in Holland. So we told his mom that we, sadly, would be missing out on an English Christmas this year. Last minute, however, Daniel and I though “why not?”and booked our trip to England anyway. So we took our teeny blue european car on the Euro Tunnel (under the english channel) and surprised his family for Christmas.

They were totally not expecting it. Daniels mom hurt her foot so she has been working from home and she was at home when we drove up. At first she didn’t believe it but when she realized it was us she was so excited. She cam running out, along with Daniel’s sister and gave us all big hugs. It was so nice and so much fun to surprise them like that!

Two Month Baby Update

I had never been to their house in England before, and we are moving there in a month to stay there while we wait for Daniels US Visa to be approved. This gave us the chance to see how things are going to be when we move there. It was so nice and I just cant wait to move to the UK and be with his wonderful family!

Two Month Baby Update

For Christmas, I was so excited to buy Fé a Baby Gym and tummy time mat! I had been searching for the perfect gym for a while and I finally settled on the Skip Hop Baby Gym and I absolutly LOVE it. Fé has a blast swinging her little arms and discovering what kind of sounds she can make. It also has a special tummy time pillow and mirror for some tummy time fun. I also ordered her a WubbaNub because I have heard really great things about them, but sadly it didn’t arrive in time for Christmas and now that we are back in Holland we have to wait to check it out. I got Daniel a “dad mug” (as per my Gift Guide for Dads) and a Raspberry Pi Model B because that is what he really wanted!

If you read my gift guide for moms  you heard that I had been on the search for the perfect diaper bag. I finally found one and my mom got me the Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote. Unfortunately that too didn’t arrive in time for Christmas so I have yet to check it out and put it to use.

Overall, we had a wonderful wonderful Christmas and Fé had so much fun celebrating her first Christmas (okay probably not because she was 7 weeks old but still!) Out New Years Eve was super low key. We had a nice dinner at home then we went to Daniels dad’s house so celebrate with Daniels dad, his dad’s wife, and his baby brother and sister. In Holland everyone sets off fireworks at midnight on NYE and the whole street was exploding as the clock stuck 12! To be honest, I get a little bit scared of all the fireworks being set off so I was happy to watch from inside his dads farm house.

Fé’s Two Month Update

As of January 4th, Fé is officially 2 months old. What?! Where does the time go! She is so cute and wonderful and Daniel and I both fall more in love with her everyday. She has changed so much from her One Month update.

Overall, Fé is a very easy baby. She is so happy (most of the time) and has even started to smile! Every time we see a little grin she just melts our hearts.

Two Month Baby Update

She sleeps really well (for about 4-5 hour stretches at night) and isn’t very fussy at all. She is growing so much and now weighs 5.4 kilograms (1.4 over her birth weight).

Since Daniel is Dutch and I am American, Fé has dual citizenship! This month I spent a lot of time putting together all the documents to apply for her US citizenship and passport. A couple of weeks ago her US passport finally arrived! (Check out her passport photos here and here)

Two Month Baby Update

She got her first set of vaccinations when she was 6 weeks old. I think I cried more than she did when she got her shots! She was sick for about a day after her vaccinations and I just felt so bad for her the whole time. Its so hard to see her in pain when you can’t do anything about it besides waiting it out.

Fé also had thrush (a yeast infection in the mouth) which made her really really fussy during feedings. We went to the doctor and she prescribed an anti-fungal gel to apply to her gums. She took it so well and after a few days the Thrush cleared up and she stopped being so fussy!

Another problem we have is that she seems to be pretty constipated. Her stools are very hard and painful for her to pass. Many times she can’t even poop in her diaper and she needs some assistance from us. We are trying many different things. I was eating prunes and pears to pass through my mothers milk. We switched to a formula with probiotics. We have added water to her milk and we have even given her a teeny bit of diluted prune juice. Nothing seems to work so we are going to have to discuss this problem with the doctor. Does anyone have any baby constipation tips?

When we got back from England, I decided to stop breastfeeding. Feeding has been a huge struggle for both Fé and myself. After I started pumping it was too hard to go back to trying to feed on the breast so we have continued to bottle feed her breastmilk. This has become quite a hassle and Fé actually likes the formula much better than my breastmilk. Breastfeeding has also prevented me from going back on birth control because I cant use progesterone only birth control pills (which is what they recommend for nursing mothers). Overall, we decided that it is the best choice for us to stop breastfeeding.

To be honest, I feel pretty terrible about it. I keep thinking that I could have done more. I should have persevered through the pain and the struggles. Maybe it would have gotten better if I had just stuck with it. I feel like I let Fé down and I didn’t try enough. Daniel keeps reassuring me that it was the best decision for us. I agree, it has taken away lots of stress but I just cant fight this feeling I have that I let Fé down.

My choice to stop breastfeeding is final, and I am just going to have to come to terms with it. If any of you have similar stories or feelings about breastfeeding I would love to hear them!

Fé is growing so much and she is becoming her own little person with her own personality! She is still working on rolling over and she loves to chew on her hands. Sometimes she even finds her thumb! We just love her so much and can’t wait to see how much more she grows over the next month.

Be sure to check in for her three month update!