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The Holiday Season is Officially upon us! (Yay!) This means its time to get the ball rolling on all of our christmas shopping. I have already published the gift guide for dads and the gift guide for pregnant ladies. Here is my 2016 Gift Guide for Moms!

1. A Comfy Bathrobe

Mom Gift Guide

My mom brought me this robe from Target when she came to visit after Fé was born and I LOVE IT! It is so soft and comfy and the perfect length. (I am tall so it can be hard to find robes that are long enough). I find myself LIVING in this robe…some days I don’t even take it off! (New mom problems) I think every mom needs a great bathrobe, so get the mom in your life this awesome bathrobe from Target! Another great bathrobe is this bathrobe from Gap!

$24.99 //

$64.95 //

2. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Machine

I also included this one in my Gift Guide for Dads, but I just LOVE my Keurig coffee machine! It allows you to make a perfect single cup of coffee with the push of a single button. This model allows you to program your favorite coffee settings and it has a programmable timer, so you can have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you at 7am every morning! (or 3am during that late night feeding!)

$127.46 //

3. Ecocentric Mom Gift Box Subscription
Ecocentric Mom how it works

By gifting an Ecocentric Mom Box, the mom in your life will receive a box of awesome eco friendly and healthy mom products directly to her door every month! There are different subscription options for just one month or up to 12 months.

$149.99 for 6 Months //

4. Stylish Baby Bag

Mom Gift Guide

This super cute diaper bag from Kate Spade is sure to please any mom! I am currently looking for a cute diaper bag and I have had my eye on this one for a while. Another great diaper bag is this cute bag by Vera Bradley or this cute baby backpack!

Kate Spade // $296.94 //

Vera Bradley Bag // $59.99 //

Baby Backpack // $138.00 //

5. Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

I have had my Clarisonic for about 3 years now and I seriously LOVE IT! I makes my face cleaner than ever and doesn’t leave any of my makeup behind. I have struggled with Acne my whole life and this product is one of the products that has helped me control it. Even for someone who doesn’t struggle with acne this face cleanser will leave her skin healthier looking than ever before.

$169.00 //

6. ErgoBaby Baby Carrier

Mom Gift Guide

For a mom with a little one, this is a great gift! I have an Ergobaby and both Daniel and I love using it. We take Fé out on long walks on the heather around our house where we cant take the stroller. I also use it to carry Fé when I am doing housework! Fé loves it and the newborn insert makes her feel so nice and cozy. I love the closeness I feel when I carry her. I think ever mom should at least try out a baby carrier =)

$140 //

 7. Forever Mine Initial Locket


This beautiful feminine necklace makes an amazing gift and can be customized with any child’s initial! I have my eyes on this one with a big F for little Fé!

$68.00 //

8. Comfy Lounge Wear

hoodie lounge-pants

Every mom needs some super soft and comfortable lounge wear. I practically live in sweatpants and pajama pants these days! This comfy sweater and these super soft pants from Aerie are so comfy she will never take them off!

Sweater // $23.97 //

Harem Pants // $20.95 //

9. A Cute Planner


We all know that moms are SUPER busy! Set the mom in your life up for success with a great 2017 planner. I use the Leuchtturm1917 notebook because I use the bullet journal system. But if you are looking for a more traditional planner check this one out!

$32.00 //

10. A chunky Scarf


A chunky scarf makes a great gift for a breastfeeding mom because it can be doubled as a nursing cover for when she needs to feed in public! My friend sent me this breastfeeding scarf back when I was pregnant and I love it!

Chunky Scarf // $14.99 //

Nuroo Breastfeeding Scarf // $29.99 //

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