20 Gifts for Wine Loving Mamas!

If you are a wine drinking/ wine loving mama this is the post for you! I have put together a little list of the best wine accessories that make the perfect gifts for your mommy friends, boozy bachelorettes, or even yourself!

First, if you haven’t checked out my gift guide for moms or gift guide for guys be sure to check those out! Happy Shopping (and wine drinking)!

Wine Loving Mom Gifts


1. This Christmas Sweater lets you bring a bottle wherever you go!

2. This funny wine glass (because its true!)


3. These socks will get your kids (or your husband) to bring you a drink!

4.Whether you are stuck at your kid’s soccer game or a company holiday party                   This Wine Bra lets you drink wine wherever you go!

5. This giant wine glass needs no description


6. Or you could opt for this coffee/wine glass that can be used all day long


7. Or you could just combine coffee and wine with this Merlot infused Coffee!

Mom wine gifts

8. These mom-inspired wine stoppers let you keep your wine fresh (if you don’t drink the whole bottle!)

9. These Christmas Wine bottle covers let you get festive with your drinking habits.

10. Are you always toting your kids around to different sports? These funny beach towels are for you!


11. Don’t forget your tumbler so you can take your wine with you wherever you go!


12. This Cute Tee just gets what being a mom is all about!

13. These wine bottle labels are there for you when you have a mommy meltdown!

14. Show off your true wine knowledge with this fun party game (for wine snobs only!)

14. Need some stress relief? Get into your zen with this wine inspired coloring book!

15. This book gives you perfect ‘Whine’ pairings for your child’s bad behavior!

16. This (more serious) book is the perfect gift for any aspiring wine snob!


17. Skip the stocking stuffer and give a stocking full of wine with this stocking wine flask!

18. This quote is perfect for any true wine lover

19. These wine inspired candles are the perfect way to relax (while drinking a glass of wine of course!)

20. These funny and festive tea towels make the perfect wine gift!

**Special Note: I just wanted to point out that while many moms love to drink wine (myself included) please drink responsibly! If you feel as though you have a problem with drinking please reach out to a loved one or a friend and don’t be afraid to ask for help! <3



Wine Loving Mom Gifts

Friday Favorites #4

Hello Everybody! We are at yet another Fri(yay) and we have concluded the first week of December. Do you know what that means? There are only two more Fridays in between now and Christmas!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog for another Friday Favorites. Before I go on with my weekly favorites, I wanted to give a little update on our Visa Process. Daniel has his medical check in Amsterdam on Monday and everything went very well. We have his Visa interview next week which means we could be getting his Greencard very very soon!! I will be sure to keep you updated =)

Friday Favorites

friday favorites

During Daniel’s medical check, Fé and I stopped in Blender Cafe and Concept store in Amsterdam and it was great! It is a full cafe and restaurant and is 100% made for children. There was a large play area in the back with slides and other toys and Fé just has so much fun! If you are ever in Amsterdam with your little one I suggest you stop by for a coffee or some lunch!

friday favorites

So I don’t actually own these boots (yet) but they are currently in my Nordstrom shopping basket. I am actually waiting to see if these boots go on sale during the Nordstrom Half-yearly sale (end of December) since I won’t be able to get them until I am in the states in January (shipping to Holland is a nightmare). These boots are actually at a better price point than many other boots this style, yet they have the best reviews!

I am so excited for Fé to wear her Mrs. Claus dress to our Tots Christmas Party next week! I couldn’t help myself and we just had to try it on early!

So, I have mentioned in another Friday favorites that I use Rosehip oil, but I have recently started mixing rosehip oil and jojoba oil together and it had been great! Rosehip oil gives me a ‘glow’ but I find the jojoba oil to be more moisturizing! It has been such a great addition to my skincare routine (which I will post on here sometime soon) especially in this cold dry weather.

I wanted to mention the Clarks shoes that we have for Fé as her first pair of shoes. Clarks are really popular in the UK, but I feel as though they don’t get as much credit in the USA. They actually measure your little one’s foot length and width to get the perfect fit! I feel confident about letting Fé run around in these shoes because they give her the right amount of protection while letting her feel develop properly!

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