Hello Friends!

With my due date quickly approaching (although not quick enough) I thought I should post about my pregnancy journey so far, before it gets too late. In two days I will be 33 weeks pregnant which means only 7 more weeks until my due date. (Although I’m being a little optimistic)

Let’s start from the very beginning!

Finding Out

Daniel and I found out I was pregnant in February, 2016. We didn’t believe it at first but after taking numerous pregnancy tests and calling the doctor we were convinced that we were indeed expecting a baby. It came as a shock but we quickly accepted it as we had talked about it many many times before. The timing of this pregnancy wasn’t ideal as I arrived in Holland very shortly before and my Visa still had to be approved and Daniel still needed to finish his thesis.

First Trimester

Looking back on my first trimester, it was pretty rough. When I was in the thick of it, however, it didn’t seem so bad. I wasn’t plagued with horrible morning sickness unlike the horror stories I’ve heard and read. In fact, I only threw up once (at work!). I felt nauseous in the mornings when I would first wake up but I always had some salty crackers next to my bed to munch on before getting up. This really helped and I usually felt normal again a few hours after waking. Salty foods were my life saver during this period!

Although I didn’t have really bad morning sickness, I was incredibly tired and exhausted all the time.  I could barely stay awake for a few hours before falling asleep on the couch or in the car or wherever I was at the time. Whenever I wasn’t sleeping, I felt like a zombie. I couldn’t focus on anything and I was forgetting everything. Trust me, pregnancy brain is a real thing! Daniel was starting to feel lonely because even though I was around I wasn’t really present either.

At 9 weeks I flew to Porto, Portugal to meet up with my mom and her two sisters for a few days. When I got back I felt like a new person! It was really dramatic and it made me realize how tired and miserable I actually was during the first few weeks. All of a sudden I had more energy and I felt like my old self again.scan-2016-4-18-00-25-13

At 7 weeks we decided to go have an ultrasound just for fun. Since I am a twin and my mother is also a twin I was really curious to see if I would also be having twins. The ultrasound confirmed that we were just having one baby but it was incredible to see our tiny little baby sitting there in the womb. It made everything seem so real.


First Trimester Stats:

Cravings: Anything salty! Tomato Juice and instant chicken soup.

Symptoms: A little morning sickness, extreme fatigue, breakouts

Weight Gain: About 1 kilogram

Second Trimester

I had a really great second trimester! I felt great pretty much the whole time with very little pregnancy symptoms. Daniel and I got married when I was just about 12 weeks on a beautiful May day in Holland and I wasn’t even showing yet (except for a little bloating). We went on a honeymoon to the Balkans for three weeks when I was about 20-23 weeks pregnant. Our holiday was extremely hot and on some days we drove for looongggg stretches. We had a couple of 13 hour driving days (Thank goodness for A/C!). I felt great the whole time and was able to walk around all day, go to the beach, etc, during the whole holiday. It was wonderful! My belly was still pretty small so the long car rides didn’t bother me at all.


Our wedding day!

At our 20 week ultrasound we found out that we will be having a baby girl!!! I was totally convinced that the baby was a boy but Daniel really thought it was a girl. Daniel was right, it is a girl and we couldn’t be more excited.

My sister came to visit after we got back from the Balkans when I was 25-26 weeks and I was able to show her around The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium with little discomfort. At this time though I did start to notice pain in my pelvis accompanied by some swelling ‘down there’ that would cause some discomfort if I walked for too long. Other than these mild symptoms I still felt pretty great!  I was still working out at the gym as normal, although I did make some modifications when it came to heavier weights. My belly finally started to grow (see picture above) and I actually looked pregnant instead of just super bloated.

Second Trimester Stats:

Cravings: None! I even cut out most sugar and processed foods.

Symptoms: Some discomfort in my pelvis. Breakouts disappeared (I think that is mostly due to my healthier diet!)

Total weight Gain: About 6 kilograms (13lbs)

Third Trimester

This is where things started to get fun! The pain I felt in my pelvis has only worsened. It is accompanied by painful swelling and some nasty looking veins. At our 29 week appointment with our midwife we were told that the baby already engaged herself and sat very low in my pelvis. Since my belly has stayed pretty small throughout my pregnancy our little girl is very much inside my body instead of hanging out (if I had had a bigger belly). This causes a lot of pressure in my pelvis and makes it difficult to breathe in certain positions. My hips have started to hurt as well when I sleep or walk too long. I’ve been able to sleep as normal for the most part with the help of lots of pillows, although I have had my fair share of restless sleepless nights.

My weight gain slowed down a little bit due to my lack of appetite but after a few weeks of not gaining anything I started to track my calorie intake and make sure I was getting at least 2,500 calories a day. I’m getting full during meals so I try to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. This also keeps my energy up.

I’ve started to really slow down although we try to take daily walks around the neighborhood. I stopped my gym membership and am focusing on staying as active as I can around the house and by going on walks. I get cramps after walking too long and I believe I have started to feel some Braxton Hicks contractions, although I am not 100% sure! In addition, the baby’s kicks are getting so strong! She is taking after her daddy!

I am 32 weeks and 6 days and I’m trying my best to stay positive and hang in there for a few more weeks.

Third Trimester Stats:

Cravings: none!

Symptoms: Pain in my pelvis, swelling that even looks like bruising, veins around my groin and on my belly, fatigue, heat flashes, trouble sleeping, heartburn, trouble breathing, cramps, Braxton hicks contractions. (sounds like a walk in the park, right?!)

Total weight Gain: as of today about 8 kilograms (17.5lbs)

Now it’s your turn! What have been the hardest parts about your pregnancies? Have you had any weird cravings or horrible (or awesome) pregnancy sympotoms? I would love to hear pregnancy experiences from other mommies out there =)