Friday Favorites #6

Hello, Friends and Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day, whether you got out for a romantic dinner or just stayed at home (like us) I hope it was a good one!

We are actually off to Death Valley for the weekend today. My parents are generously watching Fé so we can have a little getaway and I am so excited! I have actually never had a night without Fé so I am a little nervous but also very excited to camp and explore Death Valley which has always been on my bucket list =) Let’s get to it…..

Friday Favorites #6

1. Colman Pop-up Tent

We ordered this pop-up tent on Amazon for our camping trip because we had one just like it on our backpacking trip through Spain a few years ago. It is literally the easiest tent to assemble as it just pops up in a matter of seconds and folds back just as easily. I am so excited to break out our tent to camp under the stars in Death Valley tonight! It also had a screen on the roof so we can open it and stare at the stars all night. I am so excited and I can’t wait for all the camping trips we are going to take in this beautiful little tent =)

2. Cozy Cardigan

Friday Favorites

I got this cardigan in grey at Nordstrom a while ago and I have been wearing it non-stop! It is so soft and warm and goes with just about anything. I admittedly had to go back and get it in blush pink and black!

3. Snack Catcher Cups

We got these for Fé so she could snack in the car and stroller without dropping her grapes or blueberries or whatever all over herself and they are awesome! I was worried that it would take her a while to get used to sticking her hand in there but she understood right away and she loves them! They are so handy because I can just stick them in my bag without her snacks spilling all over!

4. 936 Pennies by Eryn Lynum


I received this book in the mail to review for Eryn Lynum (author) and it is really such a great book. It talks about all the different ways we can invest in our children and the little things we can do to raise our children to be the best little humans they can be. The idea behind the title 936 Pennies is that there are 936 weeks between the time they are born and the moment they turn eighteen and the book encourages you to think about how you are investing in your child throughout each and every one of those weeks. The idea is that you invest one penny every week. Stay tuned for my full review of the book!


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What is one thing that you are looking forward to this weekend? How was your Valentines Day?



Friday Favorites #4

Hello Everybody! We are at yet another Fri(yay) and we have concluded the first week of December. Do you know what that means? There are only two more Fridays in between now and Christmas!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog for another Friday Favorites. Before I go on with my weekly favorites, I wanted to give a little update on our Visa Process. Daniel has his medical check in Amsterdam on Monday and everything went very well. We have his Visa interview next week which means we could be getting his Greencard very very soon!! I will be sure to keep you updated =)

Friday Favorites

friday favorites

During Daniel’s medical check, Fé and I stopped in Blender Cafe and Concept store in Amsterdam and it was great! It is a full cafe and restaurant and is 100% made for children. There was a large play area in the back with slides and other toys and Fé just has so much fun! If you are ever in Amsterdam with your little one I suggest you stop by for a coffee or some lunch!

friday favorites

So I don’t actually own these boots (yet) but they are currently in my Nordstrom shopping basket. I am actually waiting to see if these boots go on sale during the Nordstrom Half-yearly sale (end of December) since I won’t be able to get them until I am in the states in January (shipping to Holland is a nightmare). These boots are actually at a better price point than many other boots this style, yet they have the best reviews!

I am so excited for Fé to wear her Mrs. Claus dress to our Tots Christmas Party next week! I couldn’t help myself and we just had to try it on early!

So, I have mentioned in another Friday favorites that I use Rosehip oil, but I have recently started mixing rosehip oil and jojoba oil together and it had been great! Rosehip oil gives me a ‘glow’ but I find the jojoba oil to be more moisturizing! It has been such a great addition to my skincare routine (which I will post on here sometime soon) especially in this cold dry weather.

I wanted to mention the Clarks shoes that we have for Fé as her first pair of shoes. Clarks are really popular in the UK, but I feel as though they don’t get as much credit in the USA. They actually measure your little one’s foot length and width to get the perfect fit! I feel confident about letting Fé run around in these shoes because they give her the right amount of protection while letting her feel develop properly!

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