15 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sure To Please

Hello All!! Spring is in the air here in the UK (Update: we have moved from Holland to the UK!!). With the spring approaching, baby shower season is upon us! Actually, to be honest, I am not entirely sure why this is the case. Don’t women have babies all throughout the year? Then why do we seem to go to baby showers in the spring and summer? Anyway…if you plan on attending a fair share of baby showers this year, look no further! Here is a list of 15 baby shower gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest mom-to-be!!

1. Receiving Blankets

You can never go wrong with a baby blanket. Fé and I own a ton of baby blankets and I love them all! I personally believe that you can never have enough baby blankets around the house. This baby blanket Set makes a great gift with its super soft muslin fabric! I also love these Hudson Baby receiving blankets that come in a variety of cute patterns and are generously sized. These Touched by Nature Organic Receiving blankets are also generously sized and come in cute colors as well. They are also a bargain at only $8.00 a piece!

2. Baby Towel Set

Baby Towels make a great gift because they are one of the often forgotten baby essentials. I didn’t think to buy baby towels when I was getting ready for Fé to come, so I am so glad my mom got me a super cute towel so that I could use it the first time I bathed her! These Aden & Anais Towels are super cute, soft and cozy. The mommy trusted brand Aden & Anais also makes a super cute baby bath wrap that also makes an adorable gift =) These bamboo terry towels are super absorbent and soft and make this gift set makes an awesome gift!

3. Baby Bathtime Set

In addition to just baby towels, you can give a full bath time set with baby body wash, shampoo, oil, lotion etc! This super cute Bath time Basket has everything a new mommy needs for her newborns first bath. The honest company also sells a great organic bath time gift set  or you can opt for these classic baby bath essentials!

4. Muslin Swaddles

Whether or not a mom decides to swaddle her baby or not (check out these hidden dangers of swaddling your baby!) these oversized muslin swaddles are AMAZING. They can be used for so many things besides just swaddling. I have one in my diaper bag to use as a sun shade, nursing shade, blanket, towel, etc! They are super versatile and make the perfect baby shower gift. You can also opt for these silky smooth swaddles if that’s more your thing as well =)

5. Developmental Toys

When Fé was born, Daniel and I ended up with a TON of these things that I don’t really know what to do with! (I am not kidding, we actually have three of this exact one!). Anyway, these security blankets (I just found out that’s what they are) I think are great for when Fé gets a little bit older but she doesn’t use them now.

If you want to give toys, choose ones that the baby will be able to use when she is young (aka 0-6 months old) I am all about the WubbaNub and I think it makes THE BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT OF ALL TIME because babies can start using it right away. By the time they are a couple of months old they might be able to pop the pacifier into their mouths all by themselves which is AMAZING for moms who are constantly popping pacifiers in their babies mouths.

For more ideas on the perfect toys to give at a baby shower check out these developmental toys for babies ages 0-6!

6. Something for mom

During baby showers, the mom sometimes gets forgotten. Try giving her something for herself to enjoy before the baby is born. After her little is born she probably wont have time to pamper herself or do anything besides feed, burp, change, repeat for a few months so this is the time to give her something special that she can enjoy! This mama-to-be gift set has lots of organic creams, oils, washes, and teas for he to enjoy before her little comes!

For more ideas check out these 20 gift ideas for moms-to-be!

7. Baby Month Tracker

I love taking Fé’s picture every month to see how much she has grown and changed. There are so many cute ways to display a baby’s age from these cute stickers, cozy blankets, blocks, and more! These make a great baby shower gift, especially for that mom that LOVES watching her baby grow and develop (which is EVERY mom on the planet 😉 )

8. Baby Keepsake

In addition to monthly milestone trackers, there are a ton of other keepsakes mamas-to-be will absolutely LOVE. I am all about making clay casts of Fé’s little hands and feet. This is something I will be able to keep forever which makes it even more special. This frame is perfectly designed to put a baby’s clay casts on display along with a cute picture!

This is another cute keepsake where you can stamp baby’s handprints and footprints on to a plate and keep them forever! Also check out this hand print tower that has different sized clay casts so you can keep all your baby’s handprints from their first year together and see how much he/she grows!

9. Memory Book

Pretty much the same thing as a keepsake, but I feel like Memory Books deserve a section of their own because there are just so many to choose from. This memory book has a place where you can preserve handprints, footprints, and photos from a baby’s first year! More great memory book options are this classic vintage looking book, or this beautiful star themed memory book!

9. Baby Log Journals

In lieu of the classic memory book full of pictures and milestones, opt for handy baby journals such as this heath record journal to log your child’s health (ie. appointments, immunizations, medications etc.) from birth to 18 years of age! This makes a great gift because it is super handy to have yet you wouldn’t really think of something like this for your own child!

You could also give this eat, sleep, poop daily baby tracker to help even the most exhausted new mom track her baby’s habits. This is another attractive paperback baby tracker =)

10. Books

I received so many wonderful books when I was pregnant with Fé and they all helped me get through my 10 longs months of Pregnancy. My favorites were What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Eating Well When Expecting. These two books easily became my pregnancy bibles and I read them both front to back, back to front throughout my pregnancy!

For more book ideas check out my top 10 pregnancy and motherhood books that every mom or mom to be should have on their bookshelf!

11. Get Crafty

When I was pregnant with Fé, my boss gave me a handmade tower made with diapers, clothes, and other gifts. It was so cute and I thought it was the most creative baby gift ever! It made me feel so nice that she actually took the time to put this huge tower of diapers together =) Check out this list of 42 Handmade baby shower gift ideas that you can make yourself!

I also received a TON of crocheted baby blankets, knit baby socks and hats, and homemade burp cloths from various family members and I love them all. I think it is so nice and meaningful to take the time to make something for someone else as a gift. It is something that they are bound to love and keep forever!

New to crocheting or knitting? Check out these books with cute patterns and tutorials to help you create the perfect baby shower gift! Check out: 12 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns, The Complete Guide to Learning how to CrochetThe Big Book of Baby Afghans, or 60 Quick Baby Knits. 

12. Baby Grooming Kit

A baby grooming kit is another baby essential that new parents often overlook (we did!). This complete Nursery Care kit from Summer Infant makes the PERFECT baby shower gift and it includes so many baby essentials that new parents will be so thankful for.

13. Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

I think this is the ultimate baby shower gift. A mom to be has a limited amount of time to relax and enjoy herself before her little one arrives. Help her de-stress with a pregnancy message. Pregnancy messages are often available at any local message studio or spa and are designated for pregnancy ladies and treat their specific pregnancy symptoms.

14. Diapers!

Seriously, you cannot go wrong with a big box of diapers. EVERY SINGLE PARENT WILL THANK YOU!! If you are looking for a gift that parents will absolutely use look no further. Get this GIANT box of 216 Pampers newborn sized (or size one….Fé never fit newborn diapers!) diapers =)

15. Gift Cards

A Gift Card is another gift that can’t go wrong. With an Amazon Gift Card moms can choose from hundreds and hundreds of baby items. Daniel and I received a number of Amazon gift cards when Fé was born and we used them all up straight away. There were perfect for ordering all of the baby things we forgot to stock up on before she was born (which is bound to happen). With Amazon Prime  we even got all of our items delivered to us the next day! (I’ll even let you in on a little secret, not Amazon Prime is offering 2-hour delivery for some products so you can get your order the same day!)


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this gift guide to baby shower shopping and I wish you success as you search for the perfect baby shower gift!


Until next time,

Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts


Baby Shower Gifts

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Dads

Dad Gift Guide

With the Holiday season upon us you may be wondering what to get the new dad in your life. Look no further….here is my collection of the perfect gifts to get your special man. Being a new parent, whether you are the mom or dad is a tricky job and dads often get forgotten about. Here is my 2016 gift guide for new dads =)

1. Dads Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time

Being a dad is probably one of the toughest coaching jobs around so set him up for success with this great book =)

 $8.99 // Amazon.com

2. Google Chromecast 

Gifts for New Dads

The Chromecast allows you to wirelessly stream movies, TV shows, Music, etc., from any device to your Television. It’s awesome! Daniel and I got one and we use it all the time for listening to music and watching Netflix. Any new dad is sure to love this awesome gift!

$35.00 // bestbuy.com

3. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

This is a seriously awesome gift. The Nest Cam is a super versatile camera that can be used as a baby cam or a general security camera! It has super easy set up and can be streamed to any device. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows for two way talk. This means you can talk to your baby, or dog, or whoever from anywhere!

$181.00 // Amazon.com

Another great (and slightly cheaper) camera option is the Logitech Circle. It has many of the same features as the Nest Cam for a slightly smaller price tag. We actually have the Logitech Circle White set up right next to Fé’s bed so I can always check on her directly from my phone! 

4. Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Toothbrush 

For new parents, it may be hard to stick to your usual daily hygiene schedules when your whole world has been flipped upside down. I know for me and Daniel, we had to remind each other to do the simplest things like shower or even brush our teeth! When you have been awake since 4am and your baby won’t stop crying, brushing your teeth may be that last thing on your mind. But having a new baby is no reason to slack on basic personal hygiene. Get your man (and maybe yourself) this AMAZING toothbrush from Oral-B with 6 different cleaning modes to get your teeth sparkly clean. It also comes with bluetooth so you can connect your toothbrush to your phone to get information on your daily brush habits, and get helpful oral hygiene tips from Oral B!

$110.00 // Amazon.com

For a slightly cheaper option try the Oral-B Pro 3000. This toothbrush has 3 settings to get your pearly whites just as clean as the Oral-B Pro 7000 for slightly cheaper. Daniel and I actually bought these toothbrushes right after Fé was born (we got them at a Black Friday sale here in Holland…I didn’t even know they did Black Friday over here!).

$68.00 // Amazon.com

5. Happy Socks


I love getting socks for Christmas! They are also one of my go-to gifts for Daniel every year =) Your man will LOVE these socks that come in crazy bright colors and patterns. After all, they are called Happy Socks for a reason 😉

$45.00 (4-pack) // Amazon.com

6. CUBE Key Finder

When you or your man are in a daze after getting a mere 3 hours of sleep, it may be easy to misplace your phones. Trust me, this happens multiple times a day in our household! The CUBE allows you to call your phone from anywhere by pressing a single button. Attach the CUBE to your keys or anything so you always have a way of finding your phone quickly and easily!

$70.00 (4-pack) // Amazon.com

7. Amazon Fire TV

The Fire TV allows you to stream anything to your HDTV! Get Netflix, HBO, Hulu or anything else you may want to watch =) With Sling TV your man can have access to all of his favorite sports! The Fire TV also has a voice command option so you can just say “watch Breaking Bad” and Netflix will pop up and start playing your current episode. Perfect for all those late night feedings when the remote is just a little too far away and you don’t want to wake your baby, whom you just got to sleep!

$89.99 // Amazon.com

8. Micro-Brewed Beer of the Month Club

Gift Guide for dads

If your man is a big beer fan he will love this gift. With a new baby around sometimes he may just need to relax and unwind, what better way to do this then with a nice cold beer! With a Beer of the Month Club subscription he will get 12 unique micro-brewed beers every month!

$27.95 per month // beermonthclub.com

9. HP Envy 4520 Photo Printer


Make printing out all your baby photos super easy with this awesome photo printer. Before Fé came along I didn’t feel the need to print out many photos. Now that she is here I find myself printing out a TON of photos to save in our baby book, put in picture frames, and to give out to EVERYBODY (I hope it’s not annoying!) This photo printer also allows you to print out photos directly from your smartphone or tablet!

$49.99 // Amazon.com

10. Minnetonka Slippers

Get your new dad a high quality pair of slippers to keep his feet warm during all of those late nights with your little one!

$49.95 // Amazon.com

 11. Keurig Coffee Machine

I LOVE my Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker! It makes my morning coffee so easy. With just the push of a button you have a cup of perfectly brewed coffee =) Any new dad will love the convenience of making a quick single cup of coffee whenever those late night feedings have your man’s (or your own) eyes drooping. Be sure to grab a box of Starbucks Holiday Blend K-cups  (my favorite) to celebrate the holiday season!

$139.00 // Amazon.com

12. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Daniel works from home and it can be pretty hard for him to work when little Fé is screaming and crying. These wireless noise cancelling headphones are perfect for when you guy just needs to zone out. These are quite a splurge so for a cheaper option look at these Cowin Noise Cancelling Headphones.

$349.00 //Amazon.com

13. Braun Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

If your man isn’t into the beard trend get him this waterproof razor. Again, when it comes to personal hygiene as a new parent, efficiency is key and this razor will make shaving super fast and easy =)

$39.81 // Amazon.com

14. World’s Greatest Dad Mug

Every dad needs a great dad mug to go with their late night (or very early morning) coffee =)

$14.99 // Amazon.com

15. Makita Drill Set

Setting up your house for you expanding family will require a great set of tools. Get your man this awesome Makita drill kit to set him up for success! This will also help him with that treehouse he will probably be making in the future. Daniel LOVES this drill and we used it for EVERYTHING when we first moved into our new place last year =)

$125.00 // Amazon.com

I hope this Holiday Gift guide helps with some of your holiday shopping! Happy Holiday Season =)

Dad Gift Guide