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About the Blog

Millennial Mommy is a family lifestyle and motherhood blog. The blog follows Leigh on her adventure as a new mommy! Millennial Mommy shares personal experiences of pregnancy, mommyhood, life after baby, health, and weight loss, while also sharing information that I have gathered along the way! I am striving to live a fulfilling and productive life by working from home as a mom blogger and staying at home with Fé. I hope you find the blog not only fun and entertaining but also informative and relatable. =)

Meet Leigh

I am Leigh! A new mother, blogger and creator of a Millennial Mommy!leighabout

My story is pretty crazy. Just over two years ago, I graduated from college and decided to move to the Netherlands to become an Au Pair for a Dutch family. During that time I met my (now husband) Daniel and fell madly in love. I decided to stay in the Netherlands to be with him until he graduated from University. During that time we ended up getting married and I got pregnant! Our daughter Fé was born on November 4th, 2016. Check out her Birth Story! We are still living in the Netherlands, but as soon as Daniel finishes his thesis we will be moving to England to live with his mother for a few months to wait out Daniel’s application for a US visa. Once his visa gets approved (wish us luck!) we will be moving back to my hometown of San Diego in sunny Southern California!

Who is Fé?

Fé is our little baby girl! She was born on November 4th, 2016 and we are totally and completely in love with her! Check out her Birth Story and her first few days at home.

Fés Birth Story

Meet Daniel

Daniel is my handsome and wonderful (and Dutch) husband! He is currently finishing up his thesis in Petroleum Engineering and is an absolutly AMAZING father to Fé and an incredible husband.