Start a Blog Part Two: Share your blog & Generate an Audience

Welcome to Part Two of my three part blog tutorial. Congratulations on setting up your new awesome blog. If you haven’t done so already be sure to go back to Part One for a step by step guide to setting up your blog. (Plus an awesome deal on web hosting from SiteGround!

Now that you have generated some content, you probably want some people to view your content! There is nothing more discouraging than writing an awesome post, only to have your mom and grandma be the only ones who read it. Trust me, that was me in my first few weeks of blogging!

So in order to generate an audience you need to get on social media!

1. Create your Pinterest Profile

I made this one first because I absolutly LOVE Pinterest. Millennial Mommy gets most of its traffic from Pinterest. I have even had a pin go viral and sent me over 10,000 page views in one day!

Pinterest is a visual social media sharing website. Basically you “pin” images to “boards” that link back to your site, and other Pinterest users Pin them to their boards. A single image can be seen by thousands of Pinterest users as it floats through the Pinterest world.

You can join “Group Boards”on Pinterest to increase your reach beyond your own Pinterest followers. Group boards are an incredible way to expand your Pinterest reach and grow your blog audience. To join Pinterest group boards, first you have to find them. You can go to other pinners profiles and see what boards they belong to. Or you can search on the Pinterest search.

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The one thing that has taken my Pinterest game to the next level is Tailwindapp! This app allows you to schedule your pins out in advance and recommends the best times to pin your pins based on your followers and your Pinterest activity. You can group your group boards for super easy Pin scheduling and it helps keep all your boards organized so you don’t over-pin to a single board!

Another amazing feature of Tailwind are their Tribes. When you join a Tailwind tribe you can pin other tribe members pins and they can reciprocate and pin your content. This allows a single pin to reach far beyond your own Pinterest capabilities.

For example, a single pin of mine went viral and I had over 10,000 page views in one single day from that particular pin! i attribute this to Tailwind because they were able to get my pin out there way beyond what I could do alone!

Click HERE to join Tailwind and get your first month of Tailwind for free!

2. Set up a Facebook Page

You probably already have your own personal Facebook profile. Now that you have your blog you may want to set up a separate Facebook Page. This is a place where you can post your awesome blog posts and have your friends see it and even share it! I encourage you to invite everyone on your friends list to like your page! You may not get everyone to like your page, but its at least a start.

Now that you have your Facebook page set up you can join some Facebook groups to help you share your blog. My favorite Facebook groups for mommy bloggers are

  1. Naptime Nation
  2. Mom Blog Tribe
  3. Savvy Mom Bloggers

These groups are a great support because not only do they help you grow your facebook following, they will also help you grow your Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts as well as attract people to your blog!

If you aren’t interested in joining groups pertaining to mom bloggers, you can search for groups on Facebook that have to do with blogging or that have to do with your specific blog niche!

Start sharing your content on Facebook. I use PostPlanner to schedule out my Facebook posts and it works wonders. I currently live abroad and most of my viewers are from the states. Post Planner allows me to post at times when people back in the US are most active on Facebook, which is usually when I am sleeping!


3. Make an Instagram Account

Instagram is another social media site where you post images that your followers can like and comment on. To be honest, I haven’t had as much success with Instagram as I have with Pinterest or Facebook but I am still actively trying to grow my Instagram account!

I have joined the Facebook group called Instagram Posse where you can apply to be in their Instagram Comment Pods. This is where you can connect with other Instagramers and group your blog.

For more great information on how to grow your Instagram Account go to

4. Set up your Twitter

Another great social Media site is Twitter! With Twitter you can post short 140 character “tweets”to your followers. Your tweets can get liked or re-tweeted by your followers. Like Instagram you can use #hashtags to connect with more people on Twitter.

Check out this tutorial on how to set up your twitter account!

5. Other Social Media

There are other social media platforms you may want to use as well. Consider using StumbleUpon or Google+.  You may also want to join Bloglovin to connect with other bloggers and share your blog as well!

I am not very active on these sites so I can’t provide you with valuable information, but check out Google if you want more on sharing your blog on these sites!

6. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the way in which search engines come up with search results for different searches. By perfecting your SEO for each blog post and for your blog you can increase your search engine rankings, which is how people will find your blog through search engines such as google, yahoo, or bing!

I use the Yeost SEO Plugin to program my SEO. For every blog post I make sure to add a “focus Keyword” and blog description to help with my SEO.

Here is an example of what your Yeost SEO will look like when you are writing a blog post. Make sure you enter a keyword (this is what the search engine will use to find your post) and a title and description including that keyword.

Share your Blog

The great thing about Yeost SEO is that they offer an analysis for your SEO which helps you get the best out of your SEO for each post or page.

Share your blog

When you add pictures to your blog, be sure to enter your SEO keyword into the Alt Text section. This will help improve your SEO for your post and help search engines find your posts through your images.

Share your Blog

SEO is an extremely complicated concept and I am not going to pretend I know anything close to all there is to know about SEO. If you want to learn more about it there is a TON of information on the internet about it. It would do you some good to look into SEO more if you want to seriously grow your blog!

7. Link-up Parties

Link ups are another way to share your blog! Link up parties are basically where bloggers get together and share their blog posts with each other.

Sarah from My Joy-filled Life has put together an awesome database of link-up parties for mom bloggers.Be sure to check that out here if you are interested in Link Parties!

My Joy-Filled Life


Congrats! You made it to the end of Part Two: Share your Blog and Grow your Audience!! I know this was a super long post, but I hope you find it helpful in starting your own blog!

Now on to the fun part….monetizing your blog and generating and income! Head over to part three, or head back to part one if you haven’t set up your blog yet! (and get awesome savings on web hosting!)


Share your Blog
Share your blog