How to deal with Heartburn During Pregnancy

Hey Everyone =) So I don’t know about you but my pregnancy heartburn and acid reflux has been HORRIBLE the past few weeks! I feel fine when I wake up in the morning but it slowly creeps on during the day. Just as i’m about to fall asleep it is in full rage mode!! If you read Common Pregnancy Sleep Problems you know that this is one of the big things that is keeping me (and Daniel) awake at night. It just keeps getting worse as the baby keeps growing!

I have done a lot of research on how to deal with this pregnancy symptom in particular because it is one that is becoming a really big problem! Here is my list of tips on how to deal with PREGNANCY HEARTBURN!!!

Eat smaller meals

Stuffing yourself will only make your stomach fuller which will contribute to acid reflux and heartburn. If you are late in your third trimester, like me, this may not be a problem as your stomach might not be able to handle a lot of food at once with your giant baby inside! But if you don’t have this problem or you are experiencing a raging appetite, this may be more difficult. Try eating smaller meals 5 or 6 times a day instead of 3 big meals a day!

Eat Slowly

Eating your food quickly will only lead to over eating which in turn leads to more heartburn! Try slowing down and enjoying your food instead =)

Sip your drinks

The same goes for beverages. Take it slow! Chugging a giant glass of water will only make your stomach feel fuller which just worsens your heartburn! Also try to avoid drinking during your meal as this will make you fuller much faster.

Avoid lying down after a meal

This is one i’m really guilty of. My favorite thing to do after dinner is lie on the couch and watch one of my favorite shows (I know what your thinking, I have turned into one big pregnant couch potato!) But laying down only aggravates your heartburn by allowing stomach acid to slosh up into your esophagus. Ive been trying to go on walks after dinner or do something around the house instead of laying down right away! Also, going on a walk is a great way to get your digestive track moving or to encourage your baby to come along (if you are full term).

Avoid trigger foods 

These foods only aggravate your tummy juices and make your heartburn worse! These foods include: spicy, fatty, fried foods as well as caffeine, citrus, and other acidic foods like tomatoes! Also avoid carbonated drinks! All these things only lead to stronger heartburn and more discomfort =(

Don’t Eat before bedtime

Just like laying down after a meal, try not to eat close to bedtime. This gives your stomach a chance to calm down and digest some of your meal before laying down for a solid night sleep (If that is even possible for you!) If you MUST eat before bed try eating something light like whole grain toast or some fruits and veggies.

Elevate your head when you sleep

I just started doing this and trust me, it really works! I gather up about three pillows and sleep at a high angle, almost as if i’m sitting up. Of course it can be sort of difficult to find a comfortable position especially as we should avoid sleeping on our backs, but once you settle into a little spot it can really help with that heartburn! You can also try putting bed risers (or anything you have at the house) under the head of your bed so its sitting at an angle. We haven’t done this because our bed is already really high but Daniel’s Dad did this for his wife when she was pregnant and they said it really worked for her!

Wear loose clothing

Wearing tight clothing only restricts your stomach and esophagus even more which can encourage acid reflux. Try wearing loose clothing, especially when going to bed!

Try Heartburn Tea!

You could also try this Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Heartburn Tea  (I love Earth Mama Products!) They have a special formula designed specifically for relief from heartburn during pregnancy!

I hope this helps! A lot of these tips have really helped me deal with my heartburn the past couple of weeks! Although it hasn’t totally gone away, it is much more manageable and I have been able to get a little bit more sleep (YAY!)

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